Our business was established about 30 years ago. First we needed to find enough land and buy it. That was a challenge in itself. Then we needed to clear the land and put down the basic infrastructure such as service roads, buildings and water storage. The land was cleared and trees planted as seedlings.

Not everything was done at once, some different lots of land were purchase as opportunity appeared. Trees were planted by sector.

Our normal activity changed over time. The trees were planted as seedlings and for the next 8 years we had to look after them and watch them grow for no financial reward. But we still had to add fertilizer, control the pests, prune and maintain the land. Only when larger quantities of nuts developed on the trees were we able to shift focus from growing new trees to developing the trees we have.

All along we have asked ourselves many questions such as what cultivars should we plant, how should the irrigation system work best, how can we quickly get the nuts from the tree to market and keep a high quality standard.

The company keeps moving forward. We are learning new things all the time. There are always challenges and always opportunities.