It is true to say that our nuts are not yet fully based on organic production but we are looking forward to the future and making attempts to consider how we source fertilizers and what fertilizers we use. The trees need nutritional support but we would like to make a balance between the use of fertilizers that are imported and the use of fertilizers that we can make ourselves. We have already invested in a small warehouse used for the production of compost and allocated land which we use for the initial processing.

After fertilizers we will need to consider how we can control the pests. The pests are mainly types of beetle and we control those like everybody else … we spray in the breeding season. We would like to get away from this approach since some of the chemicals are not very friendly. Tight canopy pruning does help though since this removes the breeding locations.

We do not like to use any chemical of any type that could have a damaging impact on the environment. We wish to protect the environment in which we live and will seek harmony. We will modify the way we approach our farming to satisfy that goal.