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Welcome to the Siam International consumer e-commerce sales.
It is through these pages that we would like to introduce our macadamia products and explain how to run though the pages to place an order.

You will see a number of images that show our macadamia nut choices. Underneath each image there is a price. This is the price per kilo but that also includes packing, postage and Thailand Post Office registration. At this time we are not able to support delivery addresses outside of Thailand.

There will always be a short delay with every order. This is because we prepare each order individually.
We do not keep a stock of pre-roasted nuts so your order really is prepared for you and it is of course always fresh.

So that you understand let us explain what is the difference between the different types of nut.
Macadamia Nut in Shell is when the nuts are brought in from the field in a green husk. The husk is removed and then the nuts are dried a little to reduce the moisture content. This slight drying is necessary since the kernel would certainly quickly degrade quickly due to the moisture
Macadamia – Raw is where the macadamia kernel has been removed from the shell.
Macadamia – Whole are whole kernels. Normally these are removed individually from the shell by hand.
Macadamia – halves and split are found when manual cracking does not succeed in removing a whole kernel and when machine cracking is used since the machine does not always detect the different sized kernels.
Macadamia – chips are normally the product of machine cracking where the machine applies too much pressure to larger than average nuts in the batch being cracked.

The nutritional value of macadamia nuts is the same no matter whether whole or split.