We have a range of business activities. In the main we grow macadamia NIS which is then sold to the confectionary and cereal manufacturers in Thailand and China. The nuts are processed by our customers and incorporated into some great products which are based on macadamia nuts as the core.

Growing macadamia NIS is not the only thing we do. For some customers we prepare extracted kernels. We see increasing demand for this which seems to suggest that removing the shells is something that is now preferred at the farm rather than in the factory. It certainly saves on freight volume.

We do understand macadamia trees though, we have more than 20,000 of them in production and about six different varieties. Small producers find it difficult to get started and we try to help by offering macadamia seedlings to order. We need to know how many seedlings, what cultivar and what is the target supply date (one or two years ahead though). If you need to know more please click on the email link in the Contact information.

We also offer consultancy to small producers. So if you have problems that need addressing or you need to find a supplier of suitable fertilizer .. perhaps we can help.

Finally, we can sell more nuts than we can grow. A lot more. Our customers need large quantities for their orders. So if you grow nuts and wish to sell your entire crop … please let us know. The email address is in the Contact information.